About Lyndsey

Cycling- recycling- tea drinking- peanut butter scoffing- sci-fi novel connoisseur and fashion designer extraordinaire…

Hello, I am Lyndsey, the nifty fingers of Lyndsey Clark Boutique. I specialize in bespoke couture corsetry, costumes and bridal wear for all shapes and sizes, creating fantasy outfits affordably, and ethically.

I have been a self employed international artist, bridal wear & costume designer since 2009, and I have worked in fashion design & production since 2004. In addition to a Fashion and textiles design BA (Hons), I have completed a higher national diploma in fashion design and several courses in corsetry, bra drafting, lingerie construction, sustainable fashion design and tailoring.

Every Lyndsey Clark Boutique item is lovingly handmade by me. I am a gushy sentimental type at heart; I love to incorporate beautifully unique and sentimental details into every item. It is my favourite bit; making every single item unique to it’s wearer. So whether it be wedding vows/ poetry/ song lyrics/ photos of your French bulldog printed onto the fabric, or parts of a loved ones favourite shirt, spliced into the panels; I cherish these details, I call it ‘scrapbook couture’, and it guarantees that the final item will not only be unique, but it will be precious to you.

I feel very passionately about recycling, and I use recycled materials in my designs wherever possible and appropriate. I actively work to encourage redesign of old items, and I have worked as a public speaker in local schools and colleges, addressing the benefits of sustainable design and the importance of recycling.

I live on a narrowboat, and work from my studio (a converted coal barge) moored alongside. My electricity comes from solar panels; the production of your Lyndsey Clark boutique items will be powered by sunshine – If that isn’t a USP I don’t know what is!


Photo by Berni Palumbo photography.

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