Our Policies


I accept payment through Paypal, or card payments through Etsy. I can also accept cheques, bank transfers and cash (in person…please do not post me money!).  Any payment must clear in my account before an item can be shipped/collected. For made to measure/custom items, I will require a deposit of minimum 50% of the labour total, and I will retain this once I have started making your item should you cancel for any reason.


Some of my delivery methods require a phone number to be provided, and a signature on delivery, please provide you delivery address, and a phone number in good time.

I keep proof of posting.

I try to use recycled packaging materials where possible, (recycling is a big part of my design ethos, and I try to keep my business as eco-friendly as possible).

If you require your item for a specific date, please make the date known to me, so that I can ensure everything reaches you in plenty of time.

Any import tax/ customs charges incurred when the item arrives are your responsibility, not mine.

Shipping times can vary considerably, depending on your location, the shipping method used, the size of the package, the time of year, etc. I will try to give a delivery estimate, and I use tracked or signed for postage methods where possible, but tracking is not always an option for overseas shipping. If this concerns you, I advise you to go for an insured postage method (let me know, and I’ll give a price quote for insured shipping).

Most deliveries arrive within 3 weeks, some take up to 6 weeks, it is up to you to request and pay for a quicker shipping method if you need it by a specific date.

If you would like me to post your parcel with insurance (which will cover the full value of the item) please let me know before ordering. I have had no problems with couriers/the postal service to date, but should you choose to have the item posted without insurance, and the package is lost/ stolen/ damaged in transit, I will not compensate- it is up to you to request insurance and pay for the additional cost of insured shipping, so please let me know ahead of ordering.

Sometimes items passing through customs get opened to check contents, if this should happen, please be aware that the repackaging is out of my control.

If purchasing multiple items, please contact me for the combined shipping total- this will depend on the individual items purchased, so I do not list with a flat rate ‘buying multiple items’ quote.

I will refund any postage/packaging costs over paid if the total comes to less that that charged.

If the item is sent signed for and no one is home when the item is delivered it will generally be taken back to the depot, and if unclaimed within 2 weeks, it will be sent back to me. It is your responsibility to contact the postal service to arrange re-delivery in this instance. If the item has not arrived by the date I have indicated it will arrive, please contact me and I will chase it up.

Please take public holidays and busy periods into account when ordering. For instance: items posted around Christmas may be slower to arrive.

Please make sure the shipping address you provide is correct and up to date (if ordering through Etsy/ Paypal, I use the address registered to your Etsy/ Paypal account).

Refunds and Exchanges

I generally have a ‘No refunds’ policy, but I am very reasonable and honest- If I make an error, or you are unhappy with the item for a legitimate reason, I will try to resolve the issue so that everyone is happy, and if this cannot be done, I will refund you, but only if the error is my own.

To reiterate; I will refund if -I- have made a mistake, I will not refund if -YOU- have made a mistake, for instance, I will not refund if you have changed your mind, or provided inaccurate measurements, or the shape doesn’t suit you (Please consider the style and shape carefully before purchasing!).

Please read my postage notes- as stated, I cannot take responsibility if you choose uninsured shipping and the item is lost/ stolen/ damaged in transit.

My items are handmade, and ‘made to measure’ means made to measurements YOU (where I am not measuring you in person) provide not mass produced in a factory.

I rely on accurate measurements (I am happy to go through the measurements with you if you are unsure), accurate delivery addressess, etc provided by you. I liase with you through the process to make sure you are happy before I ship the item.

Please be reasonable; once the item is in your hands, it is yours to look after- if it is damaged through mistreatment, this is not my error.

If your measurements look suspicious to me, I will usually ask you to double check, but I cannot flag all anomalies, You need to double check them all, as I am not there, and I have no way of knowing that the measurements aren’t correct, so please follow the guide, and ask if unsure!

Be sure you WANT the item BEFORE ordering. By ordering, you are accepting my terms and policies.

When leaving a review on my page, remember all of my polices, and remember you are reviewing me, the seller, NOT the postal/ shipping service.

Additional Policies and FAQs

I am a dressmaker, but first I am an artist. I want you to have your input, but there are limitations- if you want to suck all of the creative freedom out of it, you may do best to go elsewhere! If you like my artistic style, great- we will work well together.

Do not haggle. You wouldn’t go into a department store selling mass produced items, and haggle, the price is just the price. It pays for the designing, the pattern drafting, the fabric sourcing, the cutting, the making and the embellishing of a custom made UNIQUE item, as well as all of the materials AND the weeks and weeks that go into making your outfit. I’m offering a very personal service that you are very unlikely to get from a cheaper, bigger business. So please do not try to haggle with me, I put my all into everything I make, and every request for a price reduction is genuinely hurtful.

Unless the item is made to measure/ custom ordered it is a sample/ex display item. It is as new, unless otherwise stated, but may have been used for photoshoots, shows, etc, and has been priced at a ‘used sample’ price as it may have some general light wear (also inline with many of my items being made from repurposed materials).

The materials I use are vast and varied; some new, some recycled. I don’t include fabric I feel doesn’t meet my quality standard. If you have strong feelings about materials you don’t want included ( for instance; you hate satin), tell me this before I begin and I’ll try to accommodate.

Fabric (whether new or recycled) can be very expensive, so be realistic about what you want, and can afford.

Artists are people too; we have to eat and pay bills- we can’t live on job satisfaction alone!

Please note: For most of my creations I use a lot of recycled materials (linings and outer layers as well as buttons, beads and trims) often vintage, and some very discreet fading/slight staining/ discolouration is normal. Please remember that even brand new off the roll fabric can have imperfections.



All items are handmade by me, and despite my very best efforts to count pins and needles back once I’m finished, this is a one woman operation, and there is a possibility that some sneaky stray pins/needles may evade my eyes. Please accept this possibility, and take care when removing the garment from the packaging, and when using the garment.

I generally work to a 4″ reduction, with 14 steel bones and a steel busk (overbust) / 10 steel bones and steel busk (underbust designs) unless otherwise requested. With very petite sizes (smaller than a UK 6-8) I may reduce by less than 4″, unless you request otherwise.

Made to measure = made to the measurements you provide
Made/ sourced in appropriate clothing size= made/ sourced in the most appropriate size available for the measurements you provide. Please be aware, all items, whether made by me or sourced, will follow the picture guideline as closely as possible, but may not be exactly the same as the ones photographed in the listing. If the possibility of variation is an issue, please don’t order from me.

Please give as much detail as possible about what you want, if you have specific requirements, before I start making. Please be concise. Please do not be fickle. Once we have agreed on a design, it may be difficult to make significant design changes. Every effort is made to be sure we are both on the same page, I sketch designs (where what you require is significantly different from a previous item I have made and needs to be confirmed. If the style you are looking for is similar to a previous design, and can be better conveyed through photos of a pre-existing garment I may not send a sketch as this is unnecessary). Some details cannot be changed once they are done, so it is important that you are clear on anything you do or do not want, otherwise I will make it closely following the original sample, or a design sketched for you as appropriate. (For instance, if you would like a straight neckline, tell me this ahead of ordering, as once I have cut a sweetheart neckline, I can’t change it to a straight neckline, I would have to start again, and I am not willing to have my time wasted in that way).


If you are having a toile fitting of your item, please take the toile fitting seriously; this is the mock up I use to modify the pattern I use to make the final garment, and whilst the toiles don’t look like much (you often need to use your imagination at that stage!) they are a very useful step.

If you require bust padding, please tell me this before ordering, as I will need to include bust padding in the toile for fitting.

If ordering, I can email a measuring guide image to ensure that the measurements are the correct measurements. If you are based in the South East of England, you can come to me and I can measure in person (by appointment only). In some cases I can travel to you, but I will charge for travel expenses.

Please contact me with any questions at all, I am happy to help!

My lead times depend on the item ordered, and my work load at the time, so please contact me if you need a production time quote.

I cannot predict all possible delay, for instance; If a material delivery arrives late, this may delay your order slightly.

The turn around speed also depends on the speed of your replies, (so please make allowance for any time away or lack of access to Email at your end) and any additions you may have requested.

Please allow time for alterations when the item(s) arrive. Alterations should not be necessary with corsets- this mainly applies to skirts (length), as without measuring in person, there is scope for some alterations to be required.

Please also accept that whilst I will always try to give a heads up if I will be delayed at all in creating an item, some things simply cannot be predicted: i.e.; injury, machine repairs, etc, things that I could not anticipate, but which are entirely possible. PLEASE make sure you leave plenty of time ahead of the date for which you need the item, as I don’t want to leave anyone in the lurch, but some things are simply out of my hands.

If I feel that I can no longer create what you have requested because of new requirements brought to light by you, or I no longer feel comfortable working with you, I reserve the right to cancel an order and refund you in full (or in part if the circumstances are such that I feel my time has been wasted). It is very important to me that we are clear about your requirements from the start (so please don’t chop and change your mind) and it is also important to me that I enjoy my job, so please be nice, courteous and reasonable.

NB. whilst I try my best to show the colours and materials as clearly as possible, colours may appear differently on your screen, and textures may appear slightly differently. Also, the shade I describe a colour as, may not be the same one you’d describe it as, this is just common sense, so please don’t be pedantic, just give as clear and concise a description as you can, and we will get there.

When making to measure, I am meticulous, but without taking the measurements in person, I rely on the customer to provide ACCURATE measurements. Inaccurate measurements will affect the fit of the garment, and I cannot take responsibility for ill fit caused by inaccurate measurements given to me- or for ill fit because your measurements changed- I will not start again or refund you, etc, if you should fall pregnant, or gain or lose weight. If you expect to change shape and size, wait until you have stopped changing to contact me. Please measure carefully- I am happy to talk you through the measuring process via Skype, liase via email and provide measuring guides, so accurate measurements can easily be attained.

Please note that your measurements will affect the shape of the corset, I.e. if the length from your waist to top hip at the front is longer than the length at the side, the front of the corset may come to more of a point than if the lengths are very similar, in this instance the bottom of the corset may have a much subtler line.

If you require a higher back to a corset than I ordinarily make (for ladies prone to ‘spilling out’ at the back when wearing tight fitting items) please let me know. All I do is make items to fit the measurements you provide- if you have broad shoulders, or are prone to overhanging at the back, etc, this, I’m afraid, is not my area!- But if you tell me BEFORE I start making, I will do my very best to create an item that will flatter your particular shape. Equally, if you have any other body shape requirements (i.e. one breast larger than the other, please tell me so ahead of making, and I will try to create something beautiful to flatter your shape. Otherwise I will simply make using my standard symmetrical patterns, scaled to your measurements. One breast larger than the other is common, but usually very subtle, and will not require any extra allowances, a symmetrical corset will be suitable provided the size difference is less than 1/2 a cup size, if the difference is more than 1/2 a cup size, I advise you to tell me so.

If you require an item for a specific date, please tell me so, and I will tell you if it can be done. If it can, and you fail to get necessary information (measurements, confirmed address, or any other info I request) to me in adequate time (I will quote my lead times, and shipping times on request) for me to make and ship your item(s) this is your error, not mine, and I may retain up to 50% of your payment if I have to cancel your order. This is my livelihood, and sadly, I must cover myself against timewasters.

I do make items in larger sizes, but the fit can be trickier over a UK size 18/ US size 14-16 (approx) without fitting in person, depending on proportions, please contact me BEFORE ordering.

If I design your item, and you approve the sketch, I will make the item using the sketch as a guideline, exact details may vary slightly. By approving the sketch, you are accepting that these are handmade items, not mass produced copies, and so they will vary, and it is your duty to flag any detail you do not like at the sketch and design stage, to enable me to address these details when I make it- please don’t leave it until I have made it all to raise an issue if at all possible!!

Please note, all of my items are professionally handmade and handfinished, and are subsequently HANDWASH ONLY.

Take care to unlace the corset back sufficiently to not put uneven strain on one section of the busk. I know it is tempting to unlace the bare minimum and unhook, but this will bow and damage the busk. Take a little extra time, and loosen the laces more, so that no individual busk notch is under uneven stress. The corset works by spreading the pull over the *full* length of the busk and bones.

My prices occasionally change, (depending on seasonal offers, and demand) and have been gradually increasing since I have been running this business (gaining experience and in line with demand and inflation). Any price quote is for the time at which the quote was made, and may not still be correct when you come to order. My prices can change quite considerably over the course of months/ years, and I cannot be expected to hold a price for you (This applies in all industries, so please be reasonable). My prices remain very competitive: Remember, I am handmaking every item from scratch, and I am a human being who needs to cover costs of materials, overheads, sales fees, training AND earn a living wage.

If you come to me for a meeting/fitting/to collect a garment or for any other reason, please accept that any travel expenses incurred are YOUR responsibility, not mine, regardless of whether or not you eventually place an order. If you are coming from outside of Reading, I strongly suggest that you take the train if this is an option, as Reading is a nightmare for parking. If you do decide to drive, please do your research first (checking traffic at that time of day/ day of week, directions, parking, road closures, etc), or ask me for parking suggestions ahead of the day. Putting me on the spot on the day is unlikely to help- but given a bit of time to look into it, I can try to help.

If you are bringing people with you to a meeting/fitting or any other appointment, be realistic- space is limited, and your whole wedding party simply will not fit. It is a local milliners shop, NOT my own shop. I have an arrangement where I can take fittings and appointments there- but the milliners customers take priority and the shop is tiny, so if you want to bring your 10 person bridal party with you, I’m sorry, but it is not feasible. There is really no reason for more than a couple of people to attend with you; meetings at the shop are for measuring, (and I’m only measuring the people I’m making items for…), discussing your design (which will already have been basically established prior to our meeting, and for this having a whole load of guests present gets very distracting) And for fittings, where applicable (my fittings are almost always fittings of a calico mock up, not the final article (again, for this a lot of guests present get in the way and cause a distraction). So, in summary, if you’d like my full attention, and for your guests to be able to fit in the shop, please don’t bring more than a couple of people with you. If you want the giggley ‘Say yes to the dress’ Prosecco-experience of trying on dresses all afternoon with 15 of your closest friends, go elsewhere. This is a made to measure service, not an off the rack bridal shop.

Also, if you or any one coming with you is a dressmaker, or knows anything about clothing production, great. I appreciate your input, but I will not accept people criticising or patronising me. If you know how to make a dress, and you think you can do it better, be my guest- go ahead and make it yourself. Otherwise, accept that whilst I am young, I do not lack experience or knowledge. I have a Diploma with distinction, a Bachelors degree with honours, and have completed several additional advanced training courses in dressmaking, tailoring, corsetry, and lingerie making. At 19 I had convinced one of the largest international organisations to invest in my work, and at 21 I had established my own business, and I have been doing this for more than a decade now. In short; yes, I am young, but I know my stuff, so don’t patronise me. Capiche? If someone you bring to a meeting is not a fan of my designs, please kindly point out that YOU ARE, and that is why you have chosen me and my weird and untraditional designs, and they should politely accept this and shut up.

I will not work with hostile people, life is too short.

If purchasing through Etsy, please leave positive feedback if you are happy. If for any reason you are unhappy, please contact me with any issue BEFORE leaving feedback. If the problem is your fault (see above; changed you mind, didn’t read shop policies, inaccurate measurements, inaccurate delivery address, no one home to sign for the item, etc) Please be reasonable and accept that these things are not my fault! Please remember that this is my livelihood, and even one negative feedback rating could have a detrimental effect on my business.

And finally, I do not work with divas, bridezillas, etc. I love to make beautiful things for nice people, I do not make other peoples designs, for a fraction of the price (So please don’t ask me to). I do not like polished and pristine, soulless mass produced crap- (and if you do, my shop is not for you!).

I do this because this is what I love doing, not because I want to put up with unpleasant customers! Be nice or go elsewhere. Thank you!

Lyndsey, out.