Gold lame steel boned corset and satin ribbon panniers, inspired by the iconic film costume.

Gold, metallic alternative corset, burlesque clothing. Handmade for costume/ couture.

Made to measure Gold fabric corset, it was inspired by ‘Metropolis’ and Beyonc√©’s ‘Sweet dreams’ outfit, but would work for so many occasions, either as part of a costume, or a super sexy couture outfit.
Handmade, fully steel boned. Triple layer construction, mixed gold coloured fabric.

No 2 are exactly identical, each one is an individual item of wearable art, I often use vintage and recycled materials in my work, so where this applies, identical fabric may not be found, where identical fabric cannot be used, I will source alternatives/ make to your design specifics. 
The Panniers / shoulder pieces ( however you want to wear them…very versatile!) are available to order, if interested please get in touch to discuss the size you require and a price.

Photography by: stratography
Model: Rowan Verdite Nova
Makeup by: Rowan Verdite Nova
Hair styling by: Rowan Verdite Nova

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Photography: Stratographic. Model: Rowan Verdite Nova. Make up: Rowan Verdite Nova. Hair Styling: Rowan Verdite Nova. Designer: Lyndsey Clark Boutique

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